Signed The Lion in Your Heart Bundle

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A special bundle with R.C. Chizhov's multiple ward-winning book, The Lion in Your Heart, and its companion coloring book, I am Brave, for ages 2 and up. Each book is SIGNED by the author.

Awards: 2021 International Book Award Finalist, 2021 Females of Fiction Award Finalist, 2021 Story Monsters Approved, 2021 Indies Today Semi-Finalist, LoveReadingUK Indie Books We Love, 2021 Readers Favorite.

The bundle includes:

  • The Lion in Your Heart (paperback)
  • I am Brave Coloring Book (paperback)

Select Reviews:

"A winning story about tapping into inner strengths." - Midwest Book Review

"Must read. This would be an amazing addition to classroom libraries, counseling offices and more." - Reedsy Discovery

"Book is based on the fundamental truth that courage is natural to us, fear is acquired." -
Dr. Liza Misra, Psychologist

"Simple idea to encourage not just children but anyone to face their fear, to draw strength from within." -
M. Mehra, Montessori Teacher