I Am Brave - Party Favor Bundle - 10 Coloring Books

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Tired of filling goody bags with small toys and candies? Introducing a clever and unique party favor pack with 10 copies of the bestselling: I am Brave Coloring Book! Let your children have hours of creative fun while building confidence with this affirmations-based coloring book. Enjoy a 20% discount on this 10-book bundle!

Features and Highlights

  • Over a hundred playful drawings with affirmations on every page to explore concepts of inner strength, independence, overcoming obstacles and the "I can do it" attitude!
  • Large format (A4 size) with beautifully illustrated and detailed images

  • Engaging and mess-free activities for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners or school-aged children while building confidence and instilling courage to go beyond their comfort zone

Benefits of Affirmations-Based Coloring Book

  • Research indicates that positive affirmations may have a life-changing impact on self-esteem and self-belief, lowering anxiety and stress

  • Can be a powerful and holistic way of building positive minds and happy children

  • Perfect for your budding artist’s imagination and creativity while motivating them

  • Channel a kid’s endless energy into a calming activity to develop their pencil grip and fine motor skills, leading to hours of enjoyment at home, at a restaurant or in the classroom!